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2. Okt. Du schließt deine Bachelorarbeit bzw. Masterarbeit mit einer Diskussion deiner Ergebnisse ab. Erfahre hier die wie du das machen kannst.
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This research project, which can be a Bachelor thesis or a research module, targets at combining the utility of both these types of hydrogels. The project involves both preparative polymer-chemistry aspects, for example, preparation of hydrophilic polymer backbones with non-covalent cross-linking motifs as side groups, and analytical polymer-physics work, for example, assessment of the gel-sample mechanics by rheology.

Supervisor: Amir Jangizehi amir. Design of Responsive Double-Dynamic Polymer Networks and Gels Double-dynamic networks are the latest state-of-the-art in the field of soft elastomers. These networks combine two dynamic modes within the same material, and this offers a wide spectrum of different functionalities from stimuli responsiveness to self-healing.

Double-dynamic networks can comprise one covalent and one reversible network, for example, in order to combine the advantages of both high mechanical strength and easy processability, or they can comprise one network with two different dynamic modes.

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The double-dynamic network we aim to design is of the latter type. In particular you can be involved in one or more of the following aspects:. Supervisor: Paola Nicolella p. Hierbei soll in enger Abstimmung mit unserem Laboringenieur an der Entwicklung des Messsetups gearbeitet werden. Betreuung: Elena Stengelin estenge uni-mainz. Synthese von Terpyridin-Derivaten zum Aufbau sequenz-kontrollierter Polymere Assoziierende Polymere enthalten funktionelle Einheiten, die in der Lage sind durch nicht-kovalente Wechselwirkungen transiente Bindungen einzugehen und ein supramolekulares Polymernetzwerk zu bilden.

In particular you can be involved in one or more of the following aspects: Synthesis of double-dynamic networks: We have designed a novel double-dynamic network with a terpyridine dynamic bond and a thermo-responsive polymer that has to be optimized. The synthesis can include also the fluorescent labelling of the samples for probe diffusion techniques.

Characterization of double-dynamic networks with light scattering Light scattering is a powerful technique that will help us to determine the homogeneity or defects in our polymer network. Moreover, it is useful to determine characteristic parameters of the polymer and the network such as the network mesh size.

Investigation of double dynamic-networks with probe diffusion techniques Probe diffusion techniques include fluorescence correlation spectroscopy, fluorescence recovery after photobleaching, and dynamic light scattering. PhD binding.

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Aufbau der bachelor thesis

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