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Nucor SWOT Analysis: Recommended Strategic Options For Firms is constantly studied to ensure that the company stays ahead of the technological race.
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Moreover, the extracted information regarding the loophole of the rivals can be put into reverse use by Nucor Corporation, which will definitely lead the firm to achieve a competitive advantage within the steel industry. The various procedures that are applied by the rivals of Nucor Corporation can be well — analyzed by the management of the firm by monitoring the exact procedure of work that is followed by the rival firms.

The next task for the firm is to build up a strategy that has the ability to fight back with these strategies of the rivals. The management needs to build the strategy with intense care so that it does not consist of any loophole, which can lead the firm to failure during competing with its rivals. The monitoring of the various competitive moves of the rivals within the industry can help the firm to evaluate the strategies that are applied by the rivals. The management of the firm will also be able to understand the reason behind the success of those rivals and can learn from these elements Rasmussen, These elements are needed to be scrutinized by the management, which will provide them with detail information regarding the various implemented strategies.

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The selection among those strategies needs to be done with intense care, which will enable the firm to achieve competitive advantage within the industry Parmenter, Therefore, monitoring of the various competitive moves of the rivals can lead the firm to achieve various milestones in its business process.

Warner opined that tthreat of new entrants is moderate within the steel industry as for various reasons. Most of the steel companies are larger in terms of capital and economies of scale.

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In addition, the costs for switching are comparatively low for buyers of steel. Therefore, the threat of new entrants becomes irrelevant or mostly ineffective for the established and leading steel companies. In addition, the established companies find it easier to comply with the rules and regulations of the local government than the new companies entering into the steel market. However, in case of steel industry, the substitute products are bricks, plastics, stone, Aluminium etc. Therefore, the threat of substitute products in case of the steel industry is comparatively low than any other industry.

In addition, the switching costs are enormously high. The rivalry among competitive firms is very high as most of the leading and established steel companies are conducting mergers and acquisitions for acquiring the smaller companies in order to utilise economies of scale. In addition, in case of rivalry among competing firms, the factors such as product differentiation and switching costs are also crucial Dietsch, The bargaining power of the buyers is at moderate level as for various factors including large variety of buyers, low switching costs and low product differentiation.

Therefore, the chances of bargaining power of the buyers are very low or moderate. In terms of bargaining power of the suppliers, the steel companies have stronger position as most of the steel companies in the USA such as Nucor Corporation are importing raw materials for their business and operation Warner, However, the costs of raw materials and the costs of energy are also increasing.

It is also found that most of the steel companies are involving within long term contracts with the raw material suppliers. However, the key reasons for moderate threat in case of bargaining power of the suppliers are largely due to the innovative methods applied by the steel companies for producing raw materials. The most popular strategy within the steel industry for the new entrants in the market is price skimming.

The evaluation of various articles and journals highlights the fact that the new entrants always offer quality products in low prices. The firm raises the price of the product in various time intervals, which keeps the demand for the product at a constant level. Moreover, the well — renowned firms within steel industry mostly applies the strategy of gaining competitive advantage and customer loyalty.

The implementation of these strategies helps the well - established firms to achieve a competitive marketing advantage within the industry Stieber, Therefore, it can be stated that price skimming is the most popular and successful strategy for the new entrants within the steel industry. Meanwhile, the most common and successful strategy for the bigger firms of the industry is achieving of the competitive advantage and customer loyalty. The entire study summarizes the fact that the steel industry has developed rapidly in the recent time and has experienced huge amount of profits as well.

This rapid growth of the steel industry has made the industry massively competitive as various new firms have entered the industry. Moreover, the study also confronts the fact that the industry will grow even more in the recent future and hence, the government of all nations should take care of the steel industry.

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Meanwhile, the study also highlights one of the major steel industry companies in United States, which is well — renowned as the Nucor Corporation. Furthermore, the entire study has also extracted the fact that the steel industry in many countries has attracted foreign direct investment towards the nation. Wileman opined that various factors including the strategies of the companies, the external environment and the internal environment have an impact upon the performance of the companies.

Leading or successful companies such as Nucor Corporation typically formulates and implements various new strategies for controlling the internal and external environment of the company and the strategies also help them to utilize all the business and organizational resources such as human, finance effectively. In addition, it is also important to analyse the strategies implemented by the companies that they are using for resolving the organizational issues. Finally, assessing the current strategy will help preparing strategic recommendation for improving the business performance Zeng, Significant price hike of Energy and Raw materials lead to external threat of cost increment.

Fulfilling the requirements of the customers regarding high quality and lower cost.

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Core competencies involving technology, organizational culture, continuous improvement and technology innovation. Strengthening the business position in the market by enhancing profitability and lowering the costs. The current strategies of Nucor Corporation are well managed by their management in terms of compatibility with their core competencies and the business environment including both external and internal environment.

However, there are various disadvantages or drawbacks of the current strategies of Nucor Corporation as their strategies are concentrating less upon the global strategies. There are various benefits and opportunities of implementing global strategies and the key advantages include utilizing the steel industry boom worldwide, inexpensive labour and easy access of necessary raw materials Finch, Additionally, the neglected formulating and implementing strategies for diversifying their market towards automotive and construction industry that are also essential within the current circumstances Dodaro, The integrated strategy of Nucor Corporation is typically based upon two framework and they are resource based model and input and output model.

As per the resource view, the strategies of Nucor Corporation include the following:. The company has focused upon their differentiation strategies as these strategies are essential for enhancing new opportunities and as the company has been relying upon their business, it will help reducing additional pressure from their steel business Wileman, The company has been following various cost leadership strategies for improving the performance of their operations and for enhancing their profitability.

The company is using advanced technology based machineries to enhance production and to decrease production costs that will help them to exploit economies of scale Science, SWOT analysis is useful for analysing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the companies. In general, the strengths and weaknesses of the companies represent the internal environment of the company while the opportunities and threats indicate the external environment of the company Krantz, The company has various strengths, based on which they become one of the leading steel manufacturing companies in the world.

Nucor Corporation has three key competencies like one of their key rival Steel Dynamics and they are technological innovation, continuous improvement and organizational structure. Many leading companies such as Steel Dynamics, Inc. There are various other advantages of Mergers and Acquisitions and the management of Nucor Corporation is getting in terms of organizational size and capability.

The company is efficient of formulating and implementing various cost leadership strategies and policies within their production department for exploiting economies of scale that the management of POSCO is unable to achieve.

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In order to gain competitive edge over other potential companies such as Allegheny Technologies Incorporated and USS and to enhance both the profitability and market capitalization, it is essential to utilize economies of scale Finch, There is huge difference between the business environments of the key rivals including Steel Dynamics, Inc, Allegheny Technologies Incorporated and Nucor in terms of advanced technologies.

There are several benefits of implementing advanced technologies within the business operations of POSCO. Advanced technologies are helpful for minimizing turnaround time and for enhancing the amount of production to huge extent for the companies such as USS and Tenaris S. In addition, advanced technologies are proven essential for managing various other aspects including human resource management, customer relationship management, and enterprise resource planning of Tenaris S.

The management of Nucor Corporation has implemented various new technologies within their manufacturing units to compete with their key rivals Steel Dynamics, Inc, Tenaris S. Therefore, the technological advancements can be considered as one of their key strengths Coulter, The company has been one of the efficient low cost manufacturers like USS. The company has implemented various low cost strategies similar to Steel Dynamics, Inc that are helping the company to become of the successful company that manages their operations and production costs effectively.

The current debt to equity ratio is around 0. The company POSCO and USS has also given topmost importance towards their workforces, as they understand that the employees and the staffs are the ones deriving success for the company Avadhani, The company has been organizing various training programs for their employees for their growth and development, which will help the company to enhance their productivity.

The managers and the leaders of Steel Dynamics, Inc are managing effective relation with their employees and staffs by frequently communication Meifort, As a result, the attrition rate of the company is significantly low compare to other steel corporations. The company Tenaris S. A is also following a sophisticated pay scheme, which maintains industry standards and is accepted by all.

Planting tress is one of the key activities that the management of Nucor Corporation is following largely as per their CSR initiatives Dodaro, However, the management of Nucor Corporation has various weaknesses, which are restricting them to attain operational efficiency. The company has been facing various issues while implementing strategies regarding product diversity and industry rivalry. All the steel plants of the company are situated around different parts of USA and there are no manufacturing units outside USA.

The key motive of transferring the manufacturing and production units to such countries is to reduce the operational and manufacturing costs that will help the company to enhance their profitability for sustaining within the market and for gaining competitive advantages in the long run. The labour costs and the cost of raw materials are exceptionally low within the countries such as China and India Finch, The entire steel corporation of Nucor is largely depended upon the US market.

These companies are creating huge market competition for the Nucor Corporation Krantz, However, the global scenario of the steel industry is very much lucrative and may create extensive opportunity for the Nucor Corporation. Various other leading companies of other industries are considering for expanding their business globally. The key aim is to enhance the sales and profit.

This is one of the vital weaknesses of the company and this is restricting them to enhance their performance and quality of their products Krantz, There are various costs associated with the business and production of Nucor Corporation, especially the costs required for importing the raw materials and exporting the finished goods. The shipping charges are increasing frequently and the company is mostly unable to manage the costs associated with the activity.

The company is also not considering for making any deals against quantities purchased. On the other, costs associated with various other resources including gas, oil are also increasing and their key rivals USS and Allegheny Technologies Incorporated are managing efficiently. However, the management of Nucor Corporation is incapable of adjusting the prices hike with their operating cash Grisham, These technologies will not only help the company in terms of production but also in terms of cost effectiveness.

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In addition, the company Nucor Corporation has the required resources and financial capability for implementing such technology like other bigger companies such as POSCO. There are various other added advantages of using such technologies Science, A will operate more efficiently and the pollution rate can also be minimized using these technologies. Therefore, the company Nucor Corporation has also the opportunity to enhance their market reputation by increasing their contributions towards the environment. In addition, the company will also get the opportunity to lower their operating costs.

Nucor SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USP

Lowering the operating costs means, the profit and the revenue of the company will also increase largely. Therefore, it is an opportunity for the company to utilize the global demand. Additionally, the costs for running several steel plants in various different countries including China and India are relatively lower than the USA.

Therefore, it is an opportunity for the company to expand their business and manufacturing units globally The Economist, Diversification is crucial for any firm to enhance their profitability and to minimize the core business risks by reducing additional pressure from their core products or services.

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In addition, diversification also helps to enhance the brand value. The management of Tenaris S. A and Allegheny Technologies Incorporated have the opportunity to utilize the benefits of diversification effectively. The company USS has extensive past experience over the Auto industry and the real estate industry.

Therefore, the management of Nucor Corporation will find it easy to diversify their business towards these industries. Additionally, it can be expected that the company will likely to get benefits out of their diversification strategies Zeng, The most venerable threat for the business of Nucor Corporation is the increasing competition within the Steel industry worldwide. This is therefore the key problem for the management of Nucor Corporation.

In addition, the company is mostly unable to formulate and to implement effective strategies for getting competitive edge in the steel market globally Grisham, The situation is getting worst as these companies are enhancing their business worldwide using various strategies. Competitive threats are vital within the current circumstances as there are many examples, where long established, leading, traditional and huge companies had to shut down their operations just because of the competitive market.

Even these companies had a healthier customer database, larger size and tremendous financial capability; they are unable to cope up with the current trend and market needs. The above table and graph indicates that there are many companies leading the steel market and are making the market competitive for Nucor Corporation. The management of Nucor Corporation is developing new strategies for creating raw materials in order to minimise transportation prices the base price. The company has introduced advanced computerised technologies for managing the activities within their inventory management Coulter, The management of Nucor Corporation is controlling their production process before passing towards the inspection department.

The staffs and the employees of Nucor Corporation have complete responsibility and control over the product quality.